Search For Xiao Li’s Head: A Chinese Tale of Female Re-Memberment for International Women’s Day

I am writing this editorial on International Women’s Day so appropriately I choose to begin with a story I wrote about female re-memberment a few years ago.

International Women's DayThis magical tale had sprung out of an unconscious need to be whole again. After living in Australia for several decades, I woke up one day and asked myself – who am I?

I wrote The Search for Xiao Li’s Head: A Magical Tale of Female Re-memberment  to remind myself that as a Chinese woman, born in British Malaya and having lived in Australia for the past several decades, my journey is much like Xiao Li’s. In this short story, Xiao Li the young protagonist, had lost her mother, was tortured by a stepmother who chopped her up into little pieces and flung them to the mercies of the elements. Xiao Li’s search for her body parts in order to be whole again, depicts the search for identity, the search for self. In the history of the world, whether Chinese or non Chinese, this tale is told many times over again and again; in fables, poems, ballads and in so
ngs. It is archetypal.

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Love in Any Religion Tastes as Sweet…. A Christmas Message

free-shipping-christmas-kids-clothing-sets-baby-new-year-s-day-outfit-with-chinese-red-tangFor many Christians, the birth of Christ is very significant and Christmas is a time of celebration and rejoicing. Contemplating thoughtfully on the significance of this as yet another Christmas draws near, I can’t help hearing my mother’s words. No religions ever teach you bad things, she would say. “Do good, love one another”, her words come to me now, midst the recent turmoil and turbulence of recent world events with the election of Trump as the president of the United States of America, with the horror of the war raging in Syria and nearer home in Malaysia and Australia, there is little good news either.

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Learning a New Language Broadens Your Horizons in Life

Chinese classesIn a recent post on some of the best courses in Australia, Bupa Life Insurance featured us for our leading Mandarin Chinese Language courses. In the article, ‘Learn Something New with These Top Courses‘, Bupa says about our centre, ‘the classrooms are casual, relaxing and leading-edge through the use of accelerated learning techniques, making learning a new language not only effective but also fun.’

Numerous studies have shown that learning a foreign language is one of the best things you can do for your brain, medical studies have also shown that it may delay the early onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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