Love the Christian and Chinese Way

As I am writing this editorial, Good Friday and Easter draw near. These two days in the Christian calendar always make me think of the universal concept of love.

Love is the most powerful of all forces that drives the human being. Anywhere. Anytime. Love is life. For Christians, Easter symbolises the renewal of life through love as a creative force.

It is my belief that a human being’s destiny is driven by this one force above any others: love.

Intrinsic in love is also the need to create. To create is to be engaged in the energy of love. Thus love is an experience as well as a process that creates. Continue reading “Love the Christian and Chinese Way”

Dispelling A Myth About Chinese And Money

Hands grabbing cash

One of the stereotypes of us Chinese is that we are good at making money. We like money. We know how to make money. Money and Chinese go together like love and marriage, like a horse and carriage …. ah…… but this is the stereotype. Stereotypes are constructed with a little bit of truth but they are generally distortive and spring from a deep well of ignorance Continue reading “Dispelling A Myth About Chinese And Money”


This morning I read an article about the future of jobs and careers in the USA.

It makes me think how relevant the article is for Australians and New Zealanders as well. For everybody in fact. Of particular interest to me is the article’s emphasis on social and analytical skills for a lot of jobs in the future. Social skills such as commmunication and management spring to my mind. In short, people skills or what is known as” soft skills”. It is no wonder that the article also mentions that women, and not men, are the stars in jobs of the future. Continue reading “SOCIAL SKILLS – JOBS OF THE FUTURE?”