Hong Boa’s, Money And Love The Chinese Way

Young chinese girl with hong bao

I have my two nephews, Paul from Canada and Ian from London with me in Melbourne. Paul and his wife Jacqui have two sons aged 4 and 6. My grandnephews are delightful and the best hong bao I can ever have. Hong bao’s are money placed in small red envelopes that we give to children and other youngsters on Chinese New Year day. However, when we are old, the young ones can give us hong bao’s instead. A sort of reciprocity. When they are young, we give them presents and when we are old, they give back to us. Continue reading “Hong Boa’s, Money And Love The Chinese Way”

Loos and Other Take for Granted Things in Life

Great Wall of China - toilet signOur tour guide is a handsome young Chinese man and he sounded more like a scholar in History or English instead of what he is. In a small bus to see the Ming Tombs, after the Great Wall of China, he introduced himself as Liu.

“Call me Leo, not loo.” He laughed. Then he proceeded to tell us that Chinese toilets are ranked according to 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars and we laughed. Continue reading “Loos and Other Take for Granted Things in Life”