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Learn Chinese without Tears.

Courses are available in live face-to-face classroom settings in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. In addition, our regular online Zoom group classes are conducted using Zoom with weekly classes available globally.

At ACCS, we use Accelerated Learning methods and materials developed by Dr Moni Lai Storz with native speaking teachers trained by us. Our teachers are specially recruited to excel in the use of Accelerated Learning to teach our Chinese classes and are all trained in the advance use of Zoom for teaching Chinese using English as the teaching medium. This means that you will get a very effective and enjoyable learning experience with us. 

ACCS has been the leading Chinese Centre for the past 25 years in Australia! We started in Melbourne in 1992 and in Sydney in 2003. Our teaching faculty has over 30 teachers – we are not dependent on only 1 or 2 teachers.

We have a complete curriculum to study Mandarin ranging from absolute beginner to advanced conversation levels including Chinese for Business. A total of 20 levels! Learn Chinese writing and conversation using a developmental but highly practical approach where students can focus only on conversation skills, if they choose to. Why go to a language school that only offers you a few introductory levels of classes and then later find out that you have to join us anyway for higher levels of classes? 

We have extensive e-learning student tools, a social club, regular events (eg ‘InTune with Chinese’) and a regular newsletter. Great opportunities for social or business purposes are also available through our Facebook and ACCS Blog. Most of all, our Chinese classes are fun and interesting – we do not give tests and we do not teach from standard boring textbooks!

At ACCS, we specialise in teaching Chinese language (Mandarin and Cantonese) studies and nothing else. For both adults and children. We are continually incorporating the latest Chinese vocabulary and improving on our Accelerated Learning techniques.

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