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  • Confucianism

    One day following a lecture on Confucius, a student came up and asked me if he was a real person. I guess he was as real as Jesus Christ, I replied and much older. She thought that Confucius was a mythical figure. He certainly is not a mythical figure. He is still very much alive […]

  • Non-verbal communications

    The following is some food for thought when you next communicate with a person from another culture.  We assume that we mean the same things by the same words, but there may be important nuances of difference in our understanding.

  • What If Your Body Is Different From Mine?

    Managing Differences Makes a Difference Way back in the early seventies, there was much talk about diversity – gender, race, ethnicity, vertically challenged and horizontally challenged people for that matter. Today the list grows longer – smokers and non smokers, well mannered mobile phone users and yahoos who leave their mobile phones on in cinemas […]