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  • Why It Takes Longer to Fatten Up If You Are Chinese: The Secret of the Tao of Eating

    As we, in the Southern hemisphere, move into Autumn and Winter, I tend to think of what I eat. When I was younger, my Aussie friends used to say that Chinese eat a lot and don’t put on weight. Of course, like most sayings, this one also has some truth but it is not always…

  • ‘Our Man In Beijing’ In Malaysia

    Opening night in Penang was stunningly revealing for me! The audience which was made up of 90 percent Chinese laughed at all the lines to do with Chinese when Mei Ling said in response to John Williams’ wish to return a favour immediately: “We Chinese take three generations to pay back favours.”

  • Your Plastic Brain: Has Your Brain Stretched to Accelerate Your Learning

    Twenty years had passed since the publication of my groundbreaking work Mind, Body Power: The Self Help Book on Accelerated Learning. The year was 1989. More recently, I discovered Norman Doige’s book The Brain Changes Itself. I devoured it. I savoured it. Doige’s book adds to my knowledge regarding Accelerated Learning, a methodological approach which…