Chinese TV ShowIn the modern world, love and marriage begins when two hearts collide and the experience of “falling in love” occurs. Marriage may or may not follow. Nevertheless, the general hope is that love will lead to marriage. Love and marriage goes together “like a horse and carriage.” Forever and ever. Eternal love. Trite as these phrases may be but the experience of falling in love leading to a union that lasts eternally is the longing, the hope and wish of most.

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Love: A Present for Yourself this Christmas

Chinese Merry ChristmasWriting this editorial soon after the Paris terror and horror, I can’t help but think of what differences in religions, ideologies and doctrines can do. Managing our differences for peace may well be the most powerful skill we humans can have in this time of global terrorism! As this is the Christmas editorial, I ponder on Jesus Christ, one of the greatest peacemakers in history. Besides, it is His birthday: Christmas.

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Ni Hao Xiao Bao Bao, why are you studying Chinese?

Children Chinese ClassesThis Term I started the Chinese classes for kids with the help of another grandmother, Olga Piscioneri. I have come full circle. Almost 20 years ago I founded ACCS in 1993, then exited from ACCS when my husband died thirteen years ago. Now in 2014 I returned to ACCS and started working again at the ripe old age of 70! I have come full circle in my mission to promote Chinese language and culture in Australia. Continue reading “Ni Hao Xiao Bao Bao, why are you studying Chinese?”