Loos and Other Take for Granted Things in Life

Great Wall of China - toilet signOur tour guide is a handsome young Chinese man and he sounded more like a scholar in History or English instead of what he is. In a small bus to see the Ming Tombs, after the Great Wall of China, he introduced himself as Liu.

“Call me Leo, not loo.” He laughed. Then he proceeded to tell us that Chinese toilets are ranked according to 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars and we laughed. Continue reading “Loos and Other Take for Granted Things in Life”

Doing Business in the Chinese and Aussie way

“To Thy Own Self Be True” –

Tall PoppyIs there one way of doing business or many? In the 20 years that I have travelled and worked with different peoples and groups exploring issues to do with the enhancement of their business it does not matter where or whom I work with: Americans, Aboriginal people, Maoris, Aussies or Chinese, one universal law pops up inevitably: business is about managing people, not about making money. Money is the result from the effective management of people: self and others (customers, employees etc).

So simple. Continue reading “Doing Business in the Chinese and Aussie way”