Category: Chinese Culture

  • Hong Boa’s, Money And Love The Chinese Way

    I have my two nephews, Paul from Canada and Ian from London with me in Melbourne. Paul and his wife Jacqui have two sons aged 4 and 6. My grandnephews are delightful and the best hong bao I can ever have. Hong bao’s are money placed in small red envelopes that we give to children […]

  • Loans or Investments? Children Through Chinese Eyes

    This morning as I contemplate on the next project in my life – exploring the possibility of forming a primary school based on Accelerative Learning principles in East Timor – I went into the depths of my own unconscious and thought about being Chinese and how we view children.

  • Loos and Other Take for Granted Things in Life

    Our tour guide is a handsome young Chinese man and he sounded more like a scholar in History or English instead of what he is. In a small bus to see the Ming Tombs, after the Great Wall of China, he introduced himself as Liu. “Call me Leo, not loo.” He laughed. Then he proceeded […]