Between White And Black Australia, Where Are We The Chinese Australians?

coober pedySometime back in 1967 just outside Coober Pedy, I had an experience which stayed with me for the rest of my life.  I was standing between two toilets and reading two signs. One said that only white people were allowed to use that toilet and the other was reserved for blacks only. I was neither black nor white. No toilet for me that afternoon as I stood in the vastness of this land of milk and honey.  Continue reading “Between White And Black Australia, Where Are We The Chinese Australians?”

Footprints & The Gift Of Love

Having completed another successful Singing Wok event to raise money for Mirabel Foundation, an organisation that looks after drugs orphans, my mind turns to writing an editorial for our Christmas and Chinese New Year issue. I stood in front of my bookcase contemplating my spiritual books then I chanted my mantra and ask the Universe, (or God or Lord Buddha, or my Guru or the Force etc.) to select a book synchronistically. I pulled out Footprints. Continue reading “Footprints & The Gift Of Love”