Category: Chinese Culture

  • What No Chinatown?

    Every now and then an incident, an experience or a story can jolt me back to who I really am. Not a very nice person. A recent trip to Montevideo, Uruguay, did that for me. I saw a dark side of my Chinese self: the ethnocentric Chinese who thinks that Chinese food is the best […]

  • Are Chinese customers more violent than Westerners?

    Recently I saw a documentary on Australian TV regarding the exponential increase of Chinese tourists within their own country. Of particular attention was a scene where disgruntled passengers in a plane attacked the flight stewards and air hostesses.

  • To Have or Not to Have: The Chinese Way of Children

    This editorial is inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s poem On Children.  For me, Christmas is really about children. Without them around my Christmas tree and all the goodies piled under, the Christmas feeling is just not there. Yet even as I think of a great family Christmas this year, I am also reminded of the thousands […]