Dr Moni Storz

Moni Storz

Dr Moni Lai Storz is the founder and currently the Academic Director of the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies and the global Chinese school, ChinesebyDesign. She is also Executive Consultant to Global Business Strategies (GBS Pty Ltd.) in Australia. She holds a doctoral degree from Monash University, Australia.

Global Business Strategies helps companies bridge the cultural gap in order to capitalise on the shift in world economies. GBS offers a variety of executive training programs in Asian business cultures and cross-cultural communication skills including accelerative learning workshops in Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese. It also provides a briefing service for individuals who require cross-cultural communication skills for Asia.

She pioneered the programs on culture awareness and cross-cultural communication skills for people participating in the Export Development Programs organised by Monash University’s Centre for International Business on behalf of several state and federal bodies in 1987.

During the 30 years that she has been teaching and training, Dr Storz has gained extensive research experience in Asia, Australia and the USA. She has drawn on this to design and develop programs in Australia and overseas for both the private and public sectors. As an education and management consultant to industry and government bodies, Dr Storz specialises in cross-cultural management and communication skills, Asian business cultures and accelerative learning techniques especially in their application to English as a second language and Mandarin.

Dr Storz is the author of Mind Body Power: The Self Help Book on Accelerated Learning, (Times Books International, 1989). Reprinted 1990, 1993 & 1995. Switch on Your Mind: Accelerative Learning Strategies At Work, (Allen & Unwin, 1997). Dancing With Dragons: Chopsticks People Revealed for Global Business. (GBS –Ren Division, 1999) Dr Storz writes fiction and poetry as a hobby. Her first novel was Notes to My Sisters, (Times Books International, Singapore 1993). Her collection of poems, Artworks of the Soul was released in Australia in 1997. Her most recent novel is The Yin Yang of Loving which explores eastern and western notions of love and relationships. Her play Our Man in Beijing, an inter-cultural and bi-lingual comedy was premiered in 1999.

Dr Moni Lai Storz is truly a global personality. She was born in Asia, educated in Australia and now commutes world-wide for her multi-faceted profession that includes research, writing and consulting/training.

Dr Storz claims that accelerated learning techniques have increased her creativity and expanded her consciousness. She writes fiction as a hobby. Her published works include, Notes To My Sisters (Times Books), Artworks of The Soul (GBS), Heaven Has Eyes (Monash Int.), Switch on Your Mind (Allen & Unwin). Her books can be obtained from our Shopfront. Moni founded this Chinese Centre 18 years ago and is now currently our Academic Director and Principal.

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