Photo of Robert and Rainie in a Zoom session

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool that allows users to meet online, with or without video. Zoom is an app that can be downloaded on either PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

Once you've downloaded the app, an account will need to be created and you can make one using an already existing Google or Facebook profile. You can join a Zoom meeting for online classes through the app or by accepting an e-mail invite.

To join an online class Zoom meeting for those who have downloaded the app, all you need to do is sign into your account and click Join. Once you've selected Join, you will need to enter the unique Meeting ID number and your display name.

For those who don't have the app downloaded, you can join a meeting by way of e-mail invite. Simply click the link provided in the e-mail invitation and you'll be redirected to Zoom and the meeting.

Feedback on our Zoom Classes so far

“A fun class. Jennifer was very good with the new technology. She was able to make us all feel included. Well done.”

“A short note to say thanks for organizing the online classes. Rainie was amazing! I really enjoyed the class and the tools were perfect. I hadn’t used Zoom in this way before and it was really interesting and easy to use.”

Photo of Robert and Rainie in a Zoom session

Major Benefit of our Zoom Classes!
Even though our timetable shows classes classified under Australian capital cities, you are most welcome to attend these Zoom classes anytime and from anywhere. So, for example, even though you are enrolled in a Brisbane class, you can attend a Sydney class instead. You are even welcome to repeat a class within that particular Level classes you are enrolled for.

If you are unable to attend your regular Zoom class, you are welcome to join an alternate class of the same level at another time (if available) to ensure you do not miss out. Alternatively, you can watch a recording of the class you have missed.

Some Detailed Feedback on our Zoom Classes

Feedback from Alyssa:
I saw your Facebook post seeking feedback on the Zoom classes for ACCS. I love them and actually prefer them over in person classes. The reasons for this are:
I find it easier to concentrate as the class is muted during activities and I only hear the teacher.
I find it easier to save notes from the class (through a screenshot) meaning I can focus on the lesson rather than taking notes.
I also love not having to drive to the classes! So I get more time back in my day.

Feedback from Rob:
Zoom classes are working much better than I expected. Large part of this is probably due to our great teacher. She also saves whatever she writes during the class, so it takes the pressure off having madly to copy everything that (used to be) on the white board.
Okay, what else:
The Good:
Regular breaks. Audio quality is good. Splitting into groups seems to work well.
Class discussion is limited, fewer interruptions, good student-to-teacher interaction.
I can mute myself and pronounce vocabulary without disrupting the class.
No travel time. Cheaper, don't need to buy dinner in the city, pay for public transport.
The Bad (Less Good):
Class discussion is limited, less student-to-student interaction. Though this interaction was often not related to the class.
Less social. No before class, class break, or after class chatter.
After splitting into groups, there is not much interaction between the groups. No copying answers or helping each other. ;-)
Hope this is helpful. I'm so glad you've kept these classes running.

Check out the video of our Zoom classes here! Zoom Chinese Classes

Not located in Australia?

You will be amazed on how good our online public group lessons are.

You can be located in Tokyo, New York or Mumbai - in fact almost anywhere in the world - you will still be able to join us for a group class over Zoom.

Choose your weekly class based on our international time zone timetables.