Chinese Mandarin Level 8 – Table of Contents

Chinese character for plum

Objectives of Level 8:

  1. Improve conversational skills – learn vocabulary from daily context. Learn spoken language in context.

  2. Improve on listening skills – Be able to understand daily conversation and examples given by teachers.

  3. Improve on language application- use language in appropriate situation. Be able to create conversation for communication purpose.

  4. Improve on dictionary usage skills, cross-referencing between English – Chinese / Chinese – English.

  5. Learn Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication skills from class or after-class reading.

Unit One: Around the Town
第一单元 在城里

Text 1

Buy fruits

Text 2
Buy Clothes

Text 3
The cities and the seasons

Text 4
Take public transport

Unit Review
Unit Two: Health is Important
第二单元 健康很重要

Text 1
See a doctor

Text 2
Stay in the hotel

Text 3
Go window-shopping

Text 4
Sightsee the Great Wall

Unit Review

Feel free to contact us for more detailed course structures and sample materials for each Level. From these materials, you can gauge the appropriate Level to join us for Mandarin or Cantonese classes. We be most happy to discuss the most appropriate Level that you should begin with us if you have already learnt some Chinese previously.

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I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!