Chinese Mandarin Level 6 – Table of Contents
(More new vocabulary)

Chinese character for Woman

Lesson 1
Story:  The Story Of A Transforming Worm
Conversation:            Zài Fàn Guân (At the Restaurant)

Lesson 2
Story:  The Dog Radical That Becomes A Cat
Conversation:            Jiäo Tán (Phone Conversation)

Lesson 3
Story:  The Story Of Handkerchief
Conversation:            Mâi Yï Fú (Shopping for Clothes)

Lesson 4
Story:  Story Of The Bow And Arrow
Conversation:            Wô Zài Zhöngguó de Shënghuó (My Life in China)

Lesson 5
Story:  A Radical Walk
Conversation:            Tán Xuéxi (Talk About Studies)

Lesson 6
Story:  Story Of Many Hearts
Conversation:            Sòng Lï Wù (Giving Presents)

Lesson 7
Story:  The Step Radical
Conversation:            Tán Zhíyè (Talking About Careers)

Lesson 8
Story:  The Story Of Car
Conversation:            Tán Qìchë (Talk About Cars)

Lesson 9
Story:  The Story Of The Ear Radical
Conversation:            Huì Bèi Qüxiäo Le (Cancelled Meeting)
Lesson 10
Zhöngguórén Zuì Zhòngyào De Chuántông Jiérì
(The Most Important Traditional Festival For The Chinese)

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I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!