Chinese Mandarin Level 5 – Table of Contents
(Advance Grammar)

Chinese character for wood

Lesson 1
How have you been recently?
Adjective as predicate
Modal particles

Lesson 2
Making a phone call
Who, what, where and how

Lesson 3
Cleaning the house

Lesson 4
At the restaurant
Complement of result
Aspect of experience

Lesson 5
Visiting Melbourne's Chinatown
Time words
Time words as complements

Lesson 6
Visiting friends
Words of location

Lesson 7
A letter
Complement of degree

Lesson 8
We have guests
Continuous aspect of verbs

Lesson 9
Three friends
Sentences of comparison
Lesson 10
More on continuous aspect of verbs

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I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!