Chinese Mandarin Level 4 – Table of Contents

Chinese character for Work

In Level 4, we fine-tune your tones and Pinyin with a focus on pronunciation. In addition, you will learn another 200 new words. At the end of this Level 4, you will have a good grasp of Pinyin and be able to speak pretty clearly. You will also be able to use tone marks in Pinyin very well.

Lesson 1 & 2
Guo Nian (New Year)

Lesson 3
Da Dian Hua (Telephone conversation)

Lesson 4 
Dong Wu Yuan (Zoo)

Lesson 5 & 6 
Kan Bing (See the doctor)

Lesson 7 
Tan Chu Men (Go out for a talk)

Lesson 8 
Ti Yu (Sports)

Lesson 9
Mai Yi Fu (Buy clothes)

Lesson 10

Feel free to contact us for more detailed course structures and sample materials for each Level. From these materials, you can gauge the appropriate Level to join us for Mandarin or Cantonese classes. We be most happy to discuss the most appropriate Level that you should begin with us if you have already learnt some Chinese previously.

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I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!