Chinese Mandarin Level 3 – Table of Contents

Chinese character for Bright

Our Level 3 classes are all about using the vocabulary learnt at Levels 1 and 2 into conversational practice, improving on speaking and listening skills. Most importantly, giving our students more confidence in using the Chinese language! The Level 3 learning material is based on a drama play called 'Our Man in Beijing'.

The play centres on the relationship between John Williams, an Australian businessman who is transferred to Beijing from Sydney. Upon arrival at Beijing one rainy Spring night, he happens to share a taxi with a very beautiful Chinese woman called Li Mei Ling. From the start, John finds himself very attracted to Mei Ling. However, the language difficulties and the cross-cultural problems they encounter create many interesting encounters. These encounters are materials for various scenes in the book.

Act 1
The Meeting

Act 2
Settling into Beijing

Act 3
Meeting again

Act 4
In a restaurant

Act 5
At the office

Act 6
Welcome to Melbourne

Act 7
Arriving at the marital home

Act 8
Meeting John's family

Act 9
A bedroom dialogue
Act 10
John and his mother discussing Mei Ling

Act 11
John and Mei Ling having a birthday party

Act 12
John and Mei Ling go house hunting

Act 13
Mei Ling meets some friends

Feel free to contact us for more detailed course structures and sample materials for each Level. From these materials, you can gauge the appropriate Level to join us for Mandarin or Cantonese classes. We be most happy to discuss the most appropriate Level that you should begin with us if you have already learnt some Chinese previously.

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I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!