Chinese Mandarin Level 2 – Table of Contents

Chinese character for Mouth

Lesson 11
Story:  The Story of Shell
Conversation:            Mai dongxi 1 (Going Shopping 1)

Lesson 12
Story:  The Story of Rain and Umbrella
Conversation:            Mo'erben de tianqi zenmeyang? (How is Melbourne's weather?)

Lesson 13
Story:  The Story of Bamboos and Fur
Conversation:            Mai dongxi 2 (Going Shopping 2)

Lesson 14
Story:  The Story of Grass
Conversation:            Ni ji hao fangjia? (When do you have your holiday?)

Lesson 15
Story:  The Story of the Food Radical
Conversation:            Yue hui (Making an appointment)

Lesson 16
Story:  The Story of Knife, Cow, Sheep, Fish and Bird
Conversation:            Zai fanguan chifan (At the restaurant)

Lesson 17
Story:  The Story of Water
Conversation:            Youlan Zhongguo Changjiang (Sightseeing along the Yangtze River in China)

Lesson 18
Story:  The Story of the fire and Grain Radical
Conversation:            Kan pengyou (Visiting a friend)

Lesson 19
Story:  The Story of Silk Coil
Conversation:            Zuo shengyi (Doing Business)
Lesson 20
Applications:  Reading
Zhongguo Cai (Chinese Food)

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I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!