Chinese Mandarin Level 1 – Table of Contents

Chinese character using Bu bird

Lesson 1
Story:  The Story of Woman and Child
            Chinese Numbers

Lesson 2
Story:  A Small Drinking Horn Called ‘Also’
Conversation:            Wenhou (Greetings)

Lesson 3
Story:  Man with the Square Mouth
Conversation:            Wen Xingming (Asking Names)

Lesson 4
Story:  The Story of a Chinese Bu-Bird
Conversation:            Jieshao (Introduction)

Lesson 5
Story:  The Story of the Carpenter’s Square
Conversation:            Jiaotan (Small Talk)

Lesson 6
Story:  A Male Works in the Field and Becomes a King
Conversation:            Ni Zhu Nali? (Where Do You Live?)

Lesson 7
Story:  The Story of Tree and Man
Conversation:            Xianzai Ji Dian? (What Time Is It Now?)

Lesson 8
Story:  The Story of Word Turning into Speech Radical
Conversation:            Ni Zai Nali Gongzuo? (Where Do You Work?)

Lesson 9
Story:  The Story of Axe
Conversation:            Qu Mo’erben Daxue, Zenme Zou? (How to Go to University?)
Lesson 10
Applications:  Reading
            Wo Qu Kan Mama (I Go to See Mother)
            How to Write a Letter in Chinese

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I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!