Tango WITH Tigers: Hands People Revealed for Global BusinessNEW RELEASE!
TANGO WITH TIGERS: Hands Peoples Revealed for Global Business
By Dr Moni Lai Storz

Who are the Hands peoples of Asia? Hands peoples derive their historic origins from the Middle East and Mother India. From these origins, vast countries of diversities emerged to form the Hindu and Muslim economies of Asia today – the Tiger Economies. These Tiger economies began in the Middle East, then moved across to India down to South-East Asia. These countries comprise cultures which are diverse in religions, languages, dialects, ethnicities, and cuisines. There is no one word that could describe them all. Moni Lai Storz has chosen "Hands" as the collective word for the Tiger economies to differentiate these peoples' cultures from those of the Chopsticks or Sinitic peoples of Asia. Hands peoples are Asians who consider the right hand as the sacred hand, that is ‘the clean hand’, and consider the left hand as profane or unclean. In Tango With Tigers, Moni Lai Storz reveals the reasons behind the business behaviour of the Hands peoples. What are the psycho-cultural reasons that motivate these people? How do they communicate and negotiate? Readers of this book will gain knowledge and tools to be more effective in their business dealings with the Hands peoples of Asia.
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DANCING WITH DRAGONS: Chopsticks People Revealed for Global Business
DANCING WITH DRAGONS: Chopsticks People Revealed for Global Business
By Dr Moni Lai Storz

The Chopsticks people of Asia remain a frustrating challenge for many competing in the global marketplace. They use 'silence' as a language and the bamboo mind as a weapon for negotiations. Who are the Chopsticks people? Nearly one third of the world's population, they are the people who use chopsticks : Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese. How best to understand them for global business? How to communicate and negotiate with them more successfully? In Dancing With Dragons, Dr Storz discloses the secrets behind the 'dance of the dragons'. She shows how to communicate with Chopsticks people. Taking as her starting point their spiritual beliefs, she reveals how these shape their psyche and unconscious culture. From this perspective, she then suggests ways of doing business with them more effectively. Here is a book every business person should read and keep in their briefcase when flying to their next global appointment. It offers tools, case studies and useful tips for global nomads working with Chopsticks people.
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By Dr Moni Lai Storz

Accelerated Learning is a method of learning that increases the reader's potential to absorb, retain and recall - thus increasing your memory power. This book demonstrates how to use this technique when learning, teaching or training anything - from a foreign language to stress management. It can also help you become a more creative teacher or trainer, who can introduce joy into learning and who can help increase a student's self esteem.
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By Dr Moni Lai Storz

Adam is a global executive with Anglo Saxon values about business, time, people and love. Floundering in the jungle that is the Asian market place in the nineties, it is inevitable that he meets Su-chen. Su-chen is a Chinese cross-cultural trainer who subscribes to the Tao of loving and doing business. They meet in Kuala Lumpur and from there, their journey goes global. Their story is about working with global people and the struggle to transcend cultural differences between East and West. In the shaded area of the cross-cultural encounter, where risks are higher and stakes greater, they fall in love accidentally. Theirs is a tale of impossible love. Journey with Adam and Su-chen and see how they experience the yin yang of loving and in doing so, discover also the cultural differences in East and West.
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Novel by Dr Moni Lai Storz

"is an innocently frank exploration of the female mores of Asian society, told in the brutally honest way only children can. So captivatingly told is the story that the child in us comes alive with curiosity, fear, cheekiness and determination. Asians will smile with recognition at the superstitions, customs and familiar chidings. But beneath the cultural uniqueness lies the search for identity, a rite of passage experienced universally" Times Books International.
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Imagining Timor Leste: A Photographic Journey With Music

Moni together with Phil Trainer, a professional photographer and musician ventured into Timor Leste with a simple digital camera and a notebook ­ knowing little about the country or its people. Within a month, their lives were changed dramatically by what they discovered. Inspired by what they experienced, Imagining Timor Leste: A Photographic Journey is their first project to raise funds for the needy in Timor Leste. It comprises a booklet and DVD with two slide shows of coloured photographs and Phil's singing I Had A Dream. It includes two forewords: by First Lady of Timor Leste: Kirsty Sword-Gusmao and Jannie Tay, founder of Timor Leste Foundation that supports Alola Foundation in their work on women and children, healthcare and education.
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Poetry by Dr Moni Lai Storz.

In this collection of poetry, Dr Moni Lai Storz paints a canvas of her grief journey following the death of her husband, Hans. For her, these poems are the stepping stones to her own healing. She believes that any journey of grief must be well travelled in order for a person to continue without the departed beloved. Passionate and powerful, Sacred Words is about learning to live and love again, finally re-claiming wholeness of one's body, mind and spirit.
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