If you or your company is considering in investing in some Chinese language training, our private corporate courses or one-to-one tuition would be really suitable. We can conduct a powerful and versatile Chinese language learning solution to suit organisations of every size, on-site or using Zoom or Skype.

Ultimate Convenience

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Our company classes and private tuition are structured along a flexible timetable suiting both students and teacher schedules. Typically, classes can be conducted once a week or twice a week depending on your needs. Basically, the frequency of classes is up to you - depending on if you like a faster or slower pace.

Classes can be re-scheduled to another time/day in the event of any unforseen circumstances (Conditions apply).

Class duration can be structured to be 2, 1.5 or 1-hours duration depending on the number of students per class and also depending on the course content. Your specific needs and requirements are discussed in detail before finalising on the course structure. Class times can be any time during the work week (9am to 9pm) or weekend (9am to 9pm).

We arranged Chinese classes in-house within our office for approximately 12 staff, and it was fantastic! 10 lessons of simple but useful Chinese. The teacher was very friendly, approachable, and made things easy to understand and fun! Our staff were practising Chinese in the office all the time, and we will definitely benefit from what we've learned by using it in our business. Thank you ACCS!
Mel Belle

Complete Flexibility

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We can conduct these courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Bribane and Perth. The classes are usually held at your premises saving you time on travel and providing you with the ultimate in convenience.

We have a complete curriculum to study Mandarin or Cantonese ranging from absolute beginner to advanced conversation levels including Chinese for Business. Learn Chinese with us using a developmental but highly practical approach where students can focus only on conversation skills, if they choose to.

We can tailor our courses to suit a particular industry such as real estate industry, hospitality industry, legal etc. In addition, we can also customise your course depending on your main purpose in learning Chinese.

Tailored Approach

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We offer 3 basic curriculum options:
Option 1: Chinese Using Accelerated Learning (CUALT)
A series of 20-hour courses beginning from Level 1 to Level 20. Suitable for people who need to learn Chinese Mandarin to a reasonable depth. Typically most of our students will complete up to 6 Levels representing a total of 120 hours of class time. They will then be able to converse and be fairly literate in Chinese Mandarin.

Option 2: Basic Conversational Chinese (BCC)
A 7-hour course which will provide the student with over 100 words of spoken Chinese Mandarin. Suitable for people who just needs to know a few words of Mandarin to get by when visiting China on a business trip or holiday. Some aspects of Chinese culture is also introduced in this course.

Option 3: Chinese for Business (CFB)
A 15-hour course which will provide the student with over 100 words of spoken Chinese Mandarin and an understanding of the Chinese culture and language by having a grasp of basic Chinese reading and writing. Suitable for people who need to know Mandarin for an extended visit/s to China for business or for busy executives who need to deal with Chinese people in business here in Australia or in China.

Unrivalled Crendentials

ACCS has been the leading Chinese Centre for the past 30 years in Australia since 1992. Our teaching faculty has over 30 teachers who are all based in Australia and conversant in both Chinese and English. All our teachers have been specially selected for their suitability to be trained in our Accelerated Learning techniques. They undergo several weeks of intensive training in teaching Chinese using Accelerated Learning techniques upon joining our academic faculty.

The teaching method is very well done and I have learnt more than I would have expected myself to learn, especially in such a shot period. This first Level with Tara has been very fun and I look forward to the next Level.
Alex Gow

Our course fees includes all class materials. Our private classes students have a wide range of resources available to them. Apart from complimentary attendance at our public classes, students also have free access to our e-learning tools.

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Furthermore, Skype classes conducted using our Accelerated Learning approach is also available.

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Alternatively, we can use Zoom classes instead.

At ACCS, we specialise in teaching Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and nothing else.

Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements in learning Chinese and we will come up with a customised course structure to meet your needs.

Over 10,000 people have attended our Chinese classes in the past 25 years!

Some of the organisations which have sent their people to our Chinese classes include:

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Aluminium Victoria
ANZ Bank
Apple Computers
Aristocrat Leisure
Australia Post
Aust Chambers Mnfg
Blake Dawson Waldron
Bluescope Steel
Boral Australia
BP Australia
Cadbury Scwheppes
Crown Casino
CSL Bioplasma
Deakin University
Dow Chemicals
Freeehill Hollingdale & Page
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Holden
Hella Australia
Hewlett Packard
Huntsman Materials
Hudson Bond
Kodak Asia Pacific
Kraft Foods
La Trobe University
Mallesons Stephen Jacques
Melbourne University
Monash International
Rio Tinto
Rohm & Haas
Pacific Brands
Pilkington Australia
Placer Dome
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Thales ATM
Toll Holdings
Tourism Victoria
Travel Velocity
Films Corporation
VicRoads Corporation
Vision Systems
White Clarke Group
Wrestpoint Casino
W R Grace

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