TERM 3(10 Weeks)
18th July - 25th Sept 2022

Location Day Start Time Class Code
LEVEL CT1 (Cantonese Level 1) Class duration: 2 hours
Zoom Monday 1.00am TA23Z1
Zoom Monday 5.30pm TA23Z2
Zoom Wednesday 5.30am TA23Z3
Zoom Thursday 7.30am TA23Z4
Zoom Friday 10.30am TA23Z5
Zoom Saturday 10.00pm TA23Z6
LEVEL CT2 (Cantonese Level 2) Class duration: 2 hours
Zoom Thursday 5.30pm TB23Z1
LEVEL CT3 (Cantonese Level 3) Class duration: 2 hours
Zoom Tuesday 5.30pm TC23Z1

Cantonese for Beginners
This is a unique course specially designed and developed for people wanting to speak or understand a few words of Cantonese for both serious and fun reasons.
The objectives of this program are :-
1. To give an appreciation of the Cantonese spoken language.
2. To learn a few essential words of the Cantonese spoken language.

Cantonese is spoken in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau and the surrounding region. Cantonese is only a spoken dialect. Its writing is the same as Mandarin. However its pronunciation is very different from Mandarin and cannot be used interchangeably with each other. Historically, Cantonese has had some English influences. Pronunciation of some words are exactly as in English, for example, “ball”. Cantonese is also a tonal language like Mandarin, but it has 9 tones instead.

Like the majority of Asian languages, Cantonese is a high context form of spoken language - this means that people understand each other not only from the uttered word but also the "context" in which the sound was uttered. On the other hand, English is a low context language, implying that the words spoken are very specific in its meaning. So, with this high context nature of Cantonese, it is not so important to learn to say your Cantonese words very accurately - Cantonese speakers will understand you even if you mispronounce your words.

Firstly I would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn Mandarin in one of your Sydney ACCS classes. I am thoroughly enjoying each lesson and look forward to every Tuesday afternoon to learn more. I am amazed at just how much I have learned in such a short period of time using your Accelerated Learning techniques and that it is actually staying in my head. I give Iris ten out of ten, she is a really great teacher and has a wicked sense of humour (hen hao).
Hayden Read

Academic Calendar for Adults - 2022
Term 1: 31 Jan - 10 April 
Term 2: 25 April - 3 July 
Term 3: 18 July - 25 Sept 
Term 4: 10 Oct - 18 Dec 

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