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Chinese Class photos from Wen Fei

End of term dinner with Belle's students

Class Photos with Jingjing

ACCS Dinner of 21st May - where we learnt how to sing lovesongs!

ACCS Dinner of 29th March - Jeff's surprise!

Our resident photographer, Ian Teh

Book cover of Deep Sleep book by Ian TehIan has a new photographic book on China which is simply amazing. Ian Teh explores the industrial hinterlands of China’s far-flung and impoverished provinces with unflinching precision and subtle intensity. From industrialisation to pollution, these photographic works present the landscape as a repository for humanity’s endeavors, somehow a source of memory and a silent testament to our material desires. In the world’s most populous country Teh has made landscape pictures with close to no people in sight, letting the terrain speak for itself.

For more of Ian's work go to his fabulous website.

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