By Dr Moni Storz

For many years I have been interested in coincidences. I often wonder is it because of the Taoist in me that I seemed to pay more attention to coincidences than most people whom I worked with. But then, those who worked with me at the university were very scientific and decried anything that smacked even vaguely of mysticism. Anything that could not lend itself to scientific scrutiny was suspect in the great corridors of learning. I often mused about the possibility of measuring love scientifically since these scientists were often the same people who were in hot pursuit of that mysterious magical feeling.

Coincidence, chance or is it an anonymous message from God, your Higher Self or the universe? Several years ago, a book called the Celestine Prophecy became an international bestseller. It was a rather trite plot about a man in search of something, like many of us. As he went along his journey, he received many insights. Written by an unknown writer by the name of Redfield, the book touched a cord in many of us. As I read the book, I recognised some of Carl Jung's ideas, chief of which was his idea of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. There is a difference between mere coincidences and synchronicities.
As Jung would have said: if you walk out of your house, a bird jumps in front of you - that is a coincidence. When you get to work, a colleague tells you a story about a bird that jumps in front of the hero and so on.... that is a synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a coincidence that has a meaning for you. In other word, synchronicities are events that connect the subjective state, ie. the mind of a person to an objective event. Once the mind is involved, it is usually the hidden mind, in other words the unconscious. We need to look for the underlying message when synchronicities occur. It is much like deciphering a dream. It is my belief that all of us have encountered many synchronicities in our lives. They occur mostly when we need them but may be too busy to hear the message. Someone said that synchronicities are anonymous messages from God. Or your Higher Self. Synchronicities suggest that the Tao is the underlying unifying principle of all things under heaven or tian. Invisible, mysterious and mystical, the Tao of life and love is simply that: we are all connected forever and ever in the universe and in a deeply profound sense, we are the universe.

May all your coincidences be deep and meaningful and may the Tao bring you joy always.

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