ACCS Dinner of 21st May - where we learnt how to sing lovesongs!

This dinner was pretty much fun since we handed out copies of the lyrics of a few famous Chinese love songs in Pinyin. We started off with the whole group doing singalongs but then some students volunteered to sing in small groups, together with our teachers! It was great especially since the students' pronunciation of the lyrics were all spot on. Food was great, conversation (in both Chinese and English) was great - what more can you ask for! Below are some photos of that awesome night.

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Chinese with friendsChinese dinner with Milos and AnnaCherie and Yuan at dinnerMore students at Chinese dinnerChinese dinner with Liying Chinese waitresses at Chinese dinnerShirley and Paul having funKaren, David and Jean at Chinese dinnerSinging karaoke at Chinese dinnerSinging karaoke at Chinese dinnerChinese students Singing karaoke at Chinese dinnerPaul Singing karaoke at Chinese dinner

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