Chinese Pagoda in a lake

Daisy He is an excellent teacher with a cheerful disposition, who understands the needs of her students. She supplements the lessons with practical examples. Coupled to this she can relate very well to the students. Definitely would like her to continue teaching us:)
Danny Lee

Rob and I are now into our second year learning Mandarin and we thoroughly enjoy the classes and are really lucky that the Box Hill venue is so convenient . We have a small window of opportunity to attend and are appreciative to be able to do so on a Saturday morning. The diversity within the group members is an education in itself, and it demonstrates how eager we all are to have an insight to the language. All out teachers have brought a unique energy and passion to the lessons. We are carving out great friendships as well. Xie Xie ACCS
Patricia Morgan

ACCS have a fun and interactive approach to learning Chinese that makes it easy to learn and keeps you coming back for more. I can't believe how much I've learnt in a such a short period of time. I look forward to the classes every week.
Dominique Gamble

I love the way your school teaches Mandarin and know that I would not go anywhere else now! I have learnt more in the 10 weeks with you than I have anywhere else. I love that you play music in the background, tell stories for recall and make it a practical and fun experience. Also, I was very appreciative of the fact that I was able to go to many different classes around town, particularly as my schedule changes regularly and I often need to travel for work.

I did not have much of an expectation before coming to ACCS but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed the lessons each week. ACCS has also surprised me at how much I am able to learn and absorb in such a short amount of time, while still having other commitments on during the week, including university studies and part-time work. I really appreciate the resources that ACCS has also provided with the workbook and sound recordings of the conversations that we listen to in class. This really helps reinforce what we learn in class and is encouraging for me too.
Florence Yuan

I am enjoying and learning a lot in my classes. I observed that:
1. You are doing a great job;
2. The teachers are well selected and teaching with heart and passion;
3. The teaching system is top class;
4. ACCS is providing a great service to the community at terrific value for money.
Khanh Nguyen

Brilliant! I'd previously tried and failed to teach myself through the Internet and books. The dedicated time and teaching is infinitely more effective.
Allan Hortle

Sunrise at the Great Wall of China

Yes, I have enjoyed the lessons and found most useful the story telling, explanations and listening to the teacher, particularly at the end of evening.
John Little

I have learnt and recognised quite a number of characters since the course and my conversation level is definitely on the improve.
Annie Chew

Thanks to Robert Wong who has been great to deal with for dealing with all my questions on enrolling into the classes at Karawara. A great thanks also to our patient teacher Miss Monica. Really enjoying the beginner level Mandarin classes with classmates from diverse backgrounds and interests. Looking forward to our class lunch and for our next term of classes. Thank you again.
John Wood

I really enjoyed my time with ACCS. Classes were interactive, relevant and personal, and I have made many friends with which I can continue practising my Chinese over dinner! I have nothing but good things to say about all my teachers, and Robert is very responsive and helpful as well.
Rachel Chin

Thank you ACCS for coming to teach our staff! It was such an easy process dealing with your school. You guys are very responsive and helpful. The teacher was fantastic - she made things easy to understand and enjoyable. We will enjoy using what we've learned with our business clients!
Melanie Lim

A great way to learn with likeminded people - we have a bit of a laugh along the way too. The lesson structures make it enjoyable to learn.
Bianca DiNuzzo

I've tried other Chinese evening classes in Melbourne's CBD, and they didn't compare. The courses at ACCS are well structured, interactive, relaxed and fun. I'm looking forward to getting back into Cantonese class with you guys next month!
Rebecca Phillips

Chinese pagoda during dusk

I have enjoyed the classes and found the story telling, the music and the native speakers to be most useful. The suggestive element helped memorisation and motivation.
Ian Davidson

As you know the Mandarin Intensive course held in Sydney is now over and I just wanted to say that, together with my other classmates, we really enjoyed it very much. One of the main reasons we have enjoyed the course so much is certainly due to Ji Chao's extraordinary professionalism and teaching skills. For example, Ji Chao was more than happy to be stopped at any time if we did not understand something to clarify and answer our questions. She was so enthusiastic and yet non-judgmental and this made us feel so comfortable and minimised any frustrations associated with learning a new language. And yes she always had a smile and yet so skilfully managed to present all the material within the allocated time so we felt no pressure, no frustration. Beautiful experience. Thank you very much.
Sreten Novic

I really like Carol's approach. Carol possesses a nuturing, positive and encouraging teaching style, clearly founded on her obvious professionalism and competence, coupled with her clear capacity to distil the language to her students in a relaxed, but clear, supportive and coherent manner. Carol is a credit to the ACCS tutoring team.
Chris Quan too in Beginners 1 is clearly a dedicated and professional tutor. If both Carol and Chris are a reflection on the overall quality of ACCS's tutors generally, then that is ample motivation to remain with ACCS over the course of my Mandarin language study. I am very heartened that I chose ACCS.
Peter Crisp

I learnt a lot from Tanya during Saturday morning sessions. She always kept class interesting.
Arthur Lam

Chris Quan has been a really fabulous teacher - his classes are extremely enjoyable and we learn so much. I look forward to his classes each week.
Glyn Patrick

Excellent way to learn Chinese. Great teacher and encouraging environment.
John Carrick

Honestly I'm still struggling but I enjoy the challenge with the help and support from Jeff and Robert also great teachers, especially Daisy and Tara to keep on going through level seven so far.
Arry Sumarwata

Shanghai from across the Bund

If you are interested in learning Cantonese and Mandarin I highly recommend going through ACCS. The instructors exhibit professionalism, care and take pride in their teaching and are with you all the way in helping you become proficient and knowledgeable in mastering a tough language. The support materials in form of the book and the CD are extremely helpful. Two thumbs up!!!
Kevin Thangarajah

I have really enjoyed my first term with Tanya. The teaching methods are very effective and Tanya is very encouraging, helping us to remember the characters using stories and imagination. I took this up so I could help my sons with their Mandarin homework. It has turned out that they are helping me, but that means they are learning too! I am going back for a second term.
Carolyn Sutherland

There are quite a few language schools in Melbourne, so the decision initially was quite a hard choice. But ACCS have proven to be a fantastic option, with a well structured course, easy to follow book and flexible timetables that allowed me to make up missed classes at alternative times. Highly recommended option!
Glenn Watson

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