Learn Cantonese the fun way using the Accelerated Learning Approach.

Chinese character for horse

Following on from the extremely successful Mandarin classes, our Cantonese classes are based on similar teaching methodologies.

There are 10 Levels of our Cantonese classes. The first Level course is aimed towards people who would like to get started in the Cantonese language. The emphasis is on conversational skills in both social and business settings.

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At the end of this first Level, students would have learnt approximately 200 words of spoken Cantonese. Following on from this first Level course, a second Level course is also available which expands your conversational skills to cover more areas of interest. The Level 3 Cantonese and beyond advances students further into the intricacies of Cantonese grammar and pronunciation whilst providing more conversational skills and vocabulary.

The courses are based on 10 lessons of 2 hours duration each. Both In-person and Zoom classes are available. 
Private company or group classes can also be arranged.

Learn to Converse in Cantonese VERY QUICKLY and EASILY and IT'S FUN!

Brilliant! I'd previously tried and failed to teach myself through the Internet and books.
The dedicated time and teaching is infinitely more effective.
Allan Hortle

Course Structure

To give you an idea of what is covered in our unique Cantonese course, the 'Table of Contents' of the first 4 levels of our lessons are shown here:

Cantonese Level 1

Classroom learning CantoneseTable Of Contents
Lesson 1: Numbers
Lesson 2: Greetings
Lesson 3: Asking Names
Lesson 4: Introductions
Lesson 5: Where Are You From?
Lesson 6: Where Do You Live?
Lesson 7 : What Time Is It Now?
Lesson 8 : At The Restaurant
Lesson 9 : Shopping
Lesson 10 : Going To Places

Cantonese Level 2

Cantonese CuisineTable Of Contents
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Yale Pinyin System
Lesson 2: Food Shopping
Lesson 3: Melbourne's Weather
Lesson 4: Buying A Gift
Lesson 5: Going to Japan
Lesson 6: Making an Appointment
Lesson 7: At the Restaurant Again!
Lesson 8 : Holidaying in China
Lesson 9 : A Sick Friend
Lesson 10 : Doing Business

Cantonese Level 3

Hong Kong harbour

Table Of Contents
Lesson 1: Asking Interests And Hobbies
Lesson 2: Asking About Frequency Of Regular Activities
Lesson 3: How Do You Go To Work?
Lesson 4: Means Of Transportation
Lesson 5: Describing How People Look Like
Lesson 6: Describing Family Members
Lesson 7: My House
Lesson 8: What Are You Doing?
Lesson 9: Could You Help Me Please?
Lesson 10: Could You Do Me a Favor?

Cantonese Level 4

Chinese girls wearing CheongsamTable Of Contents
Lesson 1: Where Are My Belongings?
Lesson 2: Could You Tell Me Where I Can Find This Place
Lesson 3: What Clothes Do You Want To Buy?
Lesson 4: What Are You Wearing?
Lesson 5: Making And Answering Telephone Calls
Lesson 6: To Invite And Arrange Meetings On The Phone
Lesson 7: Have You Ever Been To This Country Before
Lesson 8: Describing Countries
Lesson 9: How Is The Weather?
Lesson 10: Giving Advice About The Weather

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