Dr Moni Storz

Academic Director

Dr Moni Lai Storz (nee' Lai Suan Tin) is our Academic Director and is responsible for the development and implementation of our Chinese studies curriculum using Accelerated Learning techniques. Dr Storz spent many years researching and experimenting with accelerated learning methods for the teaching and training of a range of subjects - Sociology, Stress Management, Cross-cultural Communication skills, Learning skills, etc. She was the first to apply Accelerated Learning techniques to the teaching of Chinese writing in Australia and this has been documented in her book: MIND BODY POWER:THE SELF HELP BOOK ON ACCELERATED LEARNING (Times Books International, Singapore, 1989, Reprinted 1990, 1993) Dr Storz claims that accelerated learning techniques have increased her creativityites fiction as a hobby. Her published works include, Notes To My Sisters (Times Books), Artworks of The Soul (GBS), Heaven Has Eyes (Monash Int.), Switch on Your Mind (Allen & Unwin). Her books can be obtained from our Shopfront. Moni founded this Chinese Centre 14 years ago and is now currently our Academic Director and Principal.

Centre Manager

OlgaOlga Piscioneri is our operations manager for the children's arm of ACCS, SCALE. Our organisation, Storz Centre of Accelerated Learning Excellence (SCALE) is affiliated with the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies (ACCS) and Global Business Strategies (GBS). Olga is incredibly resourceful and handles problems and customers with diplomacy and effective communication skills. Her biggest strength is her calm and no-nonsense approach to the management of people, whether they are staff or customers. Olga is genuine in wanting to help people. She is a caring team member with a background in Human Resources where she was General Manager of Connecting People and Branch Manager of both Drake International and the Adecco Group.

Academic Trainer

Ling SeaLingsea started at ACCS in its infant years, in 1994. Trained by Dr Moni Storz, the Accelerated Learning techniques fitted in with Lingsea’s intuitive teaching style, and fuelled her passion for teaching. She strongly believes that learning should be fun, for both young and old. Equally strong is her belief that through the learning of a language, we learn the history and culture of its people, thereby promoting better understanding.
Lingsea’s love of children and community has led her to volunteer with a local primary school and Neighbourhood House, where she often applies the same AL principles. She started with Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen-Garden school program, then the BFS program for seniors; latest addition being a local Community Garden project.


Our Melbourne Children Teachers

Siying YuSiying Yu was born and raised in Guangdong. She is a native speaker of both Mandarin and Cantonese and fluent in English. She holds a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) degree from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Economics (double degree), from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Siying has more than 7 year language teaching experience, working with students at various levels. She is also a Teaching Artist with the Song Room, and proficient in piano, ukulele, voice and dancing. She utilises all these skills in implementing the Accelerated Learning Model in language teaching, and her classes are usually fun and informative.

Fiona QiFiona Qi is a post graduate student in Master of Teaching at Monash University. She is very passionate in interacting with people, especially in her teaching field. She has been involved in a number of voluntary teaching projects back in China as well as in Australia. From that, she gained a lot of experience in teaching techniques and developed her way on teaching her students in a fun and effective method. She is very patient and approachable with her students, as well as always being very encouraging. She also deeply believes learning has no limits, regardless of your age, background, and culture. Her vision in teaching is to share to be successful.

Irene RenIrene Ren comes from Nanjing, Jiang Su Province. She is a Mandarin native speaker and also fluent in English and Spanish. She is passionate about learning different languages and teaching Mandarin. At the same time, she wants to share Chinese culture with all her students. She believes learning language is a fun and relaxing process if we use an effective teaching method.

Malina QiMalina Qi comes from Nanjing. She is a professional Mandarin tutor who has 4 years experience in tutoring Chinese as a second language. She has achieved the Certificate of Mandarin Proficiency from National Language Committee of China. She is also experienced in tutoring HSK, adult Chinese, VCE Chinese, IB Mandarin, Chinese for children and business Chinese. She has achieved her Bachelor of Teaching in Nanjing Normal University. Currently she is undertaking Master of Education in Monash University.