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TERM 2 (10 Weeks)
22nd Apr - 30th Jun 2024

These timetables are for our public Zoom classes if you are from Brisbane or anywhere else in Queensland. Average class size is 6 to 8 for our in-person classes which are held in George Street, Brisbane. Our teachers are all native speakers of Chinese but has the additional advantages of being based in Australia and trained in our Accelerated Learning Approach of teaching Chinese. Our popular Zoom Chinese classes have gained many positive reviews since the pandemic started this year.
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Brisbane Class Location:
Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane

Venue Day Start Time Class Code
LEVEL 1A - (Beginners 1 - Part A) Attend any class each week! Class duration: 1.5 hours
Brisbane City Wednesday 6.30pm P1A24B7
Live Zoom Monday 10.00am P1A24Z1
Live Zoom Monday 7.30pm P1A24Z2
Live Zoom Wednesday 6.30pm P1A24Z3
Live Zoom Thursday 10.00am P1A24Z4
Live Zoom Thursday 7.30pm P1A24Z5
Live Zoom Saturday 10.00am P1A24Z6
LEVEL 1B - (Beginners 1 - Part B) Attend any class each week! Class duration: 1.5 hours
Live Zoom Tuesday 7.30pm P2A24Z1
LEVEL 2 - (Beginners 2) Class duration: 2hours
Live Zoom Thursday 6.30pm B2AZ1
LEVEL 3- (Beginners 3) Class duration: 2 hours
Live Zoom Tuesday 6.30pm C24Z1
LEVEL 5 - (Intermediate 2) Class duration: 2 hours
Live Zoom Tuesday 6.30pm E24Z1
LEVEL 10 - (Advance 4) Class duration: 2 hours
Live Zoom Wednesday 6.30pm J24Z1
LEVEL 20 - (Very Advance 9) Class duration: 2 hours
Live Zoom Sunday 1.00pm T24Z1
LEVEL 24 - (Very Advance 13) Class duration: 2 hours
Live Zoom Thursday 5.30pm X24Z1
LEVEL 28 - (Very Advance 17) Class duration: 2 hours
Live Zoom Sunday 10.00am ZB24Z1

The chinese word for birdOur Brisbane Chinese Mandarin classes have 4 Terms per year. Basically, you complete one Level per Term. Hence, you can achieve up to 4 Levels per year! We have Beginners Level 1A classes commencing every Term of the year - you don't have to wait till the start of the year to begin learning Chinese with us.

A key advantage of learning Chinese with us is the flexibility of us having concurrent classes. This means, for example, if you are attending our Beginners Mandarin class on a Wednesday evening, you are welcome to also attend the same Level class some other time in that week. This is great flexibility since you are not tied to a certain time or day for your classes then. Alternatively, if you feel that you need to repeat a certain lesson for whatever reason, you are welcome to do so. In addition, most of our class lessons have been recorded and hence upon request, we can provide you with a recording of a lesson you have missed previously. 

Chinese character for horseDo you feel that learning with us over an online platform like Zoom is not as effective as attending a real class in Brisbane? It depends. The main advantage of being in a real live class is the ability for teachers and students to read the body language of each other and also for group discussions and interactions. You have to weigh this up against the benefits of online learning which are basically commuting time and effort, lower cost of these classes and more focussed learning. But unlike many other online websites offering online learning for Chinese, our teachers have been specifically trained to teach in using the Zoom online platform. A high level of skill is required to conduct a Zoom class effectively. Our teachers are not only trained in doing this but also in the use of Accelerated Learning techniques to give you the best Chinese learning experience possible.

Did you know that we also offer private Chinese classses for companies or private tuition for individuals? Private Skype or Zoom lessons are also available! We offer a variety of customised courses in both Mandarin and Cantonese. For more details.

I am enjoying the Mandarin classes for Level 6 to 15 classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than what I did at university!

List of regional cities where students can attend group Zoom lessons with us are from Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast , Townsville , Cairns , Toowoomba , Mackay , Rockhampton , Bundaberg , Hervey Bay , Gladstone , Cairns Northern Beaches , Maryborough , Mount Isa , Bongaree , Yeppoon , Nambour , Warwick , Emerald , Gympie , Port Douglas , Dalby , Ayr , Innisfail , Charters Towers , Bowen , Jimboomba , Goondiwindi , Kingaroy , Mareeba , Bargara , Atherton , Roma , Biloela , Beaudesert

Academic Calendar for Adults - 2024
Term 1: 29 Jan - 7 April
Term 2: 22 April - 30 June
Term 3: 15 July - 22 Sept
Term 4: 7 Oct - 15 Dec

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